John Landels

Social Marketing Manager and Team Administrator
07990 926718

John joined the NSMC in early 2014. With a strong analytical and project management background gained in the transport industry, John has substantial experience using both quantitative and qualitative research methods.

Significant projects that John has worked on include the planning and implementation of a major qualitative and quantitative research project in Cambodia covering households, schools and stakeholders involved in a regional water and sanitation project. John has also carried out research into attitudes to obesity, smoking and physical activity amongst families and young people in the UK.

Most recently, John set up and managed the successful and highly praised Hastings Safe Space and currently leads our School Attendance behaviour change work in Hastings and Stoke-on-Trent. John is also lead for our work with the Read Your Way consortium in Hastings, boosting literacy levels among young people in the town. 

John is also team administrator for the NSMC, ensuring that everything runs smoothly (most of the time).

John gained a degree in Economics and Geography from the University of St Andrews, an MSc from Cranfield University and also holds a Diploma in Management from the Open University.