NSMC carries out research in A&E

The NSMC has just completed a primary research project to identify the reasons why people go to A&E rather than other urgent care services that may be more appropriate to their needs.  The research is very revealing with many people stating that they judge the waiting time of often over three hours at A&E more favourable than other healthcare alternatives, especially when they believed they would need some form of diagnostic test that would take place in a hospital.

Hastings Safe Space: what have we been doing?

The NSMC has been operating the Hastings Safe Space service since late 2017 and we thought it would be useful if we told you something about what the service has achieved.  This service is designed to support young people using the night-time economy in the town on a Saturday night.

NSMC trains Miyahuma Water Company in Jordan

The NSMC has just finished training the Communications Department of Miyahuna Water company to deliver new household social marketing campaigns over the summer period in Amman, Jordan.  One of the campaigns is aimed at reducing the shower times of young people from 10 minutes to 5 minutes - a particularly hard challenge!  The other two campaigns are aimed at getting households to report faults and conserve water in the kitchen.  The campaigns will be further developed over the next weeks and we will let you know of how they develop.

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