Hastings campaign to improve school attendance

We will be working with Hastings Opportunity Area (HOA) over the next few months to develop and implement a local social marketing campaign to improve school and college attendance in this vibrant south coast town.  The NSMC have already carried out an evidence review of what types of campaigns works well and why.  We have found that positive campaigns that promote the all the benefits of school are the most effective.

Hastings Safe Space: nearly one year old!

Well, we didn't win at last week's HSJ awards but we are delighted to have been selected as a finalist - from a total of over 1,400 entries, ony 240 reached this stage. This is a fantastic achievement and a tribute to all our volunteers, first aiders and security staff. 

The NSMC trains Royal Rangers in Jordan

We have just completed a "Train to Deliver" social marketing course for the Jordanian Royal Rangers in Amman.  The Royal Rangers are responsible for protecting Jordan's natural environment and resources.  We have been working with them specifically to develop behaviour change programmes to stop pollution and the theft of Jordan's precious water supplies.  

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