Innovative water saving campaign in Jordan

We are pleased to see that our partner organisation in Jordan, the JSMC has recently completed a water saving campaign that reached over 57 million people across the Middle East and has increased knowledge of the water crisis in Jordan by 20%.

Hastings Kids Say ‘We want to go to school!’

Over the last 12 months, the NSMC has been working with the Hastings Opportunity Area (HOA) carrying out research with young people, parents and schools to tackle Hastings long standing issues around attendance.

NSMC carries out research in A&E

The NSMC has just completed a primary research project to identify the reasons why people go to A&E rather than other urgent care services that may be more appropriate to their needs.  The research is very revealing with many people stating that they judge the waiting time of often over three hours at A&E more favourable than other healthcare alternatives, especially when they believed they would need some form of diagnostic test that would take place in a hospital.

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