The NSMC offers a range of research activities from mining existing research databases to developing comprehensive primary research programmes.

Understanding what motivates and drives individuals, groups and organisations is what we do best. We use deep psychographic research techniques to help clients understand not just the 'what' (a behaviour) but also critically answer the question 'why' (motivation). Click here to read about the research we recently carried out with users of Accident & Emergency departments in England. 

Through our research we are renowned for our ability to generate actionable insights and segment audiences in ways that help our clients to develop effective interventions. We are also highly experienced at connecting with stakeholders, capturing their perspectives and gaining their buy-in. Click here to listen to our Head of Research explain the importance of good quality research in social marketing.

We also provide independent evaluations of social marketing projects. We believe that it is essential that every social marketing project is independently evaluated and that is why we include 'evaluation' as one of the six key stages of our social marketing planning process.


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Benefits for Your Organisation

From start to finish, our world-leading expertise will guide your strategy and engage your stakeholders to produce powerful and sustainable results. Creative and cost-effective, we can help you think smartly about your audience and design programmes that really meet their needs.


  • The NSMC has been at the forefront of social marketing practice right from the beginning.
  • We have put the process into practice with a wide range of clients across the world.
  • As a Community Interest Company we reinvest all our profits in training and resources to improve the effectiveness of behaviour change programmes.
  • We have access to an unparalleled range of resources and tools to help you get the best out of your programmes.                                                              
  • We offer every client a training and development workshop as we develop our programme, leaving your organisation with the skills and tools to deliver your own programmes into the future.

What Our Clients Say

  • "The NSMC plays a crucial role in raising the standard of social marketing in public health in the UK and abroad."

    Fiona Adshead

    Dr Fiona Adshead

    Formerly of WHO and Deputy Chief Medical Officer of England

  • "The NSMC is at the forefront of social marketing thinking."

    Katherine Wilson

    Communincations Implementation Manager, National Patient Safety Agency