Social Marketing Research & Evaluation. Washington D.C. Fall 2021

Helping you achieve sustainable behaviour change

This course covers two key skills required to deliver a successful social marketing program:

  • Carrying out inciteful primary and secondary research with your target audience to inform the design of you program.
  • Conducting effective monitoring and evaluation of your program to measure progress and assess its impact, using a range of respected and widely adopted NSMC tools.

Course details:

  • Dates: Fall 2021 (Date to be confirmed)
  • Location: Downtown D.C.
  • Advanced Level
  • Course Cost: $995

The research section of the course will cover:

  • Carrying out an effective secondary research phase.
  • Developing an effective primary research strategy on a limited budget.
  • Producing topic guides, surveys and questionnaires.
  • Carrying out qualitative and quantitative primary research including focus groups, interviews, surveys and journey mapping. 
  • Calculating sample size and conducting effective data analysis.
  • Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of different primary research methods. 
  • Understanding research ethics

The monitoring and evaluation section will cover:

  • Why developing a monitoring and evaluation framework is essential to ensuring effective behaviour change.
  • Defining goals, selecting metrics and ensuring program learning is applied. 
  • Practically monitoring your social marketing project throughout its life.
  • Developing a full evaluation framework for your project, including how to measure behaviour change and devise a full economic analysis. 
  • Using process, output and outcome evaluation methodologies to monitor and evaluate your social marketing program.

There will be an assessment at the end of the course and all successful candidates will receive a certficate from the NSMC. However, please note that unlike the Introductory course this course is not accredited by the UK Institute of Marketing.

    This course is designed for those who already have a good knowledge of social marketing and may even have implemented their own programs.  

    Attendance at this course is not dependent upon previously completing the NSMC's Three-day Introduction to Social Marketing course but we recommend that you refer to the Agenda page of this course to check you are aware of the key concepts covered in it. To reach our Agenda page, please click here.

    The cost of this course is $995

    We will seek payment for this course during October 2021. However, in the meantime, please contact John Landels on to express your interest in attending. 


    Course Directors

    John Bromley is a founding Director of The NSMC and has over 20 years of experience in developing, implementing and evaluating behaviour change programmes, including the first major public health behaviour change progrramme in the UK. John is also an experienced trainer and has taught all the Booz Allen training courses that we have run in Washington D.C since 2016. 


    Dr Rowena Merritt is The NSMC's Research Director and has over 15 years of experience of planning and implementing social marketing secondary and primary research programmes both in the UK and internationally. Rowena worked with John Bromley to deliver the Booz Allen training course in Washington D.C. in May 2017, May 2018 and November 2018.


    Like our acclaimed Three-day Introduction to Social Marketing Course, this course is intense but also highly interactive - don't expect to be just sitting around reading PowerPoint slides. We will spend a lot of time looking at case studies and using a range of interactive activities to reinforce your learning. 

    We will publish shortly a detailed agenda for the course but in the meantime we outline below the main topics to be covered 

    Research techniques:

    • Carrying out effective secondary research.
    • Grading evidence.
    • Identifying research gaps in the secondary research.
    • Developing a primary research plan.
    • Writing effective topic guides, surveys and questionnaires.
    • Recruting your target audience.
    • Conducting focus groups, interviews, journey mapping and utilising social media.
    • Calculating sample sizes.
    • Conducting complex data analysis.
    • Turning research data into useful insight.
    • Understanding research ethics.

    Monitoring and Evaluation:

    • The value of evaluation and monitoring.
    • Setting clear goals, unambiguous aims and SMART objectives.
    • Understanding the key evaluation questions that need answering.
    • Creating a baseline to measure the success of your project.
    • Devising effective process monitoring and evaluation techniques.
    • The difference between output and outcome measures and creating an effective evaluation framework.
    • Developing a full economic evaluation including calculating return on investment and developing a cost-benefit ratio.
    • Ensuring that knowledge flows through your organisation and influences future organisational planning and delivery.
    How to book

    The cost of this course is $995

    We will seek payment for this course during October 2021. In the meantime, please contact John Landels on to express your interest in attending. 

    Please note that is course will be face-to-face and is dependant upon the easing of travel restrictions between the UK and US.

    What Our Clients Say

    • "The Introduction to Social Marketing Course is very insightful. This course offers invaluable training for anyone working in the field of behavior change."

      Rick Miles

      Booz Allen course delegate, Washington D.C.