The One Stop Shop's main aim is to give users access to unpublished research and data that has been undertaken by the public sector. The research covers consumer knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and behaviour. We encourage users to search the database to find out about what customer research is going on in their area.

This section provides you with information about the different types of research and links to organizations which offer advice on the commissioning of research studies.

Click here the links below for more information on:

Research methodologies

Qualitative research technigues

Quantitative research techniques

Secondary research techniques

Commissioning research

The links below also provide brief information on areas to be aware of when commissioning and handling research, with links to appropriate information sources, on the following areas:

Research ethics

Intellectual Property

Freedom of Information

Data Protection Act


Our Resources

Our team have a wealth of experience - and we’re happy to share them with you

  • Give It Up For Baby Programme


    ​Give It Up For Baby is a programme that supports smoking cessation in pregnant mothers. The programme pays an incentive of £12.50 per week for every week that a women shows she is smoke-free throughout her pregnancy and for 3 months after the birth of the baby. Participants are also offered group support and nicotine replacement therapy.

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  • Planning Guide and Toolkit


    Our practical Social Marketing Guide and Toolkit can help you develop, plan and deliver behaviour change projects that work. Drawing on lessons learned through years of research and practical experience, we take you through the six key stages of succesful projects and provide tools and templates to support you through the process.

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  • Big Pocket Guide to Social Marketing


    The NSMC shares social marketing best practice through a range of reports, leaflets and documents, many of which are available by free download. If you are new to the subject, download our popular Big Pocket Guide to Social Marketing. This guide outlines what social marketing is and how you can use it to change or sustain behaviours.

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